Team meeting in Sofia

Last weekend, another project team meeting was held, this time in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The host of the event was the Bulgarian Athletics Federation represented by Galia Puhaleva, General secretary and Maya Karamarinova. The Austrian Federation was represented by Helmut Baudis, General secretary and Bernhard Rauch, the Finnish Federation – Kivi Mikko, the Slovak Federation – Anna Kirnova, Director for International Affairs, member of the EA Council and Dr. Martin Pupis. The project Coordinator (PZLA) was represented by Paweł Jesień, Project Leader.

 During the meeting, the results of the first part of the project, whose task was to examine human resources and sports infrastructure in both primary schools and clubs, were presented. After the presentation of the reports, conclusions were prepared that will be the basis for the final development of the “Strategy for increasing physical activity among children and adolescents using athletics”.

In the second part of the conference, the details of the next part of the project were prepared and discussed – the needs analysis, the aim of which will be to examine the problems related to practicing athletics and to obtain the most accurate knowledge about the current needs of parents, children and trainers.

We invite you to read the reports available on the project website

Next meeting will be held in May in Bratislava to discuss project progress.

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